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Dental Cleaning Kingston, PA

Maintaining the health of your teeth is extremely important. From removing harmful bacteria to giving you tips on how to clean those hard-to-reach areas, we want to help you maintain a healthy smile. At each dental cleaning appointment, we will clean and check the health of your teeth and gums while making you feel as comfortable as possible. Learn more about dental cleanings below, and schedule an appointment at our Kingston, PA office today.

    What is a Dental Cleaning?

    A dental cleaning is a preventive appointment that includes getting your teeth cleaned professionally and examined for decay, oral cancer, and other oral conditions. Also known as a prophy, dental cleanings are typically performed every six months. Visiting Brand Dental for regular biannual check-ups helps catch early signs of issues and is a great way to maintain your oral health.

    What’s Included

    Each dental cleaning appointment typically includes the following procedures:

    Teeth & Gum Exam

    To start your appointment, digital X-rays and measurements of your gums will be taken to benchmark your oral health and determine what treatments you may need. These are usually done at least once a year.

    Dental Cleaning

    To clean your teeth, a hygienist will use dental instruments called scalers. These instruments remove harmful bacteria, otherwise known as calculus or tartar. An ultrasonic scaler may be used to remove larger calculus deposits. Scaling feels like light scrapping on the teeth.

    Polishing & Floss

    After the harmful bacteria is removed, you will then get your teeth polished. The polish has a gritty texture and helps to remove surface stains. Once your teeth are polished, the hygienist will floss your teeth to remove any paste or plaque, making them feel smooth and look pearly white.

    Patient Education

    Once your teeth are cleaned, your hygienist will then go over some things to work on and provide tips and tricks to better clean your teeth at home. You may be advised on what type of toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouth rinse to use as well as how to floss your teeth correctly.

    Dentist Examination

    To complete your dental cleaning, a dentist will evaluate your X-rays and do an intra-oral and extra-oral exam. During the exam, the dentist will be checking for decay, abscesses, cysts, oral cancer, swollen lymph nodes, and more.

    Fluoride Treatment

    Optional fluoride can be placed on your teeth before you leave to help with tooth sensitivity and strengthen your enamel.

    Benefits of Dental Cleaning

    Having your teeth cleaned at least twice a year helps prevent major dental issues and catch problems early. Since brushing alone doesn’t remove calculus, getting your teeth cleaned professionally is important to remove any harmful bacteria that can cause bone loss and early tooth loss. Getting expert advice on how to improve home care is also a huge benefit.

    Why Visit a Dentist for Professional Cleaning?

    Dentists and dental hygienists have completed extensive training to clean teeth and perform digital X-rays. We also have a deep understanding of oral and facial anatomy. When it comes to your oral health, it’s worth seeing a dental expert. We can help you identify and treat dental problems before they become very costly and painful.

    What to Expect

    Expect the best care available at Brand Dental. We understand that seeing the dentist can cause some anxiety, which is why your comfort is our utmost concern. We want to make your dental cleaning as pleasant as possible by offering the latest amenities and technology so that you can leave our office with a beautiful smile on your face.

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