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Digital Impressions Kingston, PA

We proudly offer digital dental impressions at Brand Dental! Unlike traditional impressions, digital impressions are more accurate, efficient, and comfortable for our patients. Digital impressions use cutting-edge technology, which allows us to create a virtual representation of your mouth’s hard and soft tissue. Whether diagnosing a dental problem, customizing a treatment plan, or fabricating a dental crown, digital impressions serve a number of important roles at Brand Dental. Learn more about digital impressions offered at our Kingston, PA office, and schedule your next dental appointment today.

    What Are Digital Impressions?

    Digital impressions are detailed 3-D images of your mouth taken by an intra-oral scanner. Whether your treatment is for cosmetic improvements or repairing your smile, using technology to streamline dental procedures makes the process of taking dental impressions easier for both our patients and dental team.

    How Do Digital Impressions Work?

    Digital impressions use digital technology to capture precise impression data within minutes, without using traditional impression material. The images are captured on a handheld device. It scans teeth by systematically moving the wand around the mouth as it casts a specialized scanning light. The light is safe and highly precise, making this an ideal alternative to traditional impressions.

    Digital impressions help us to avoid making physical impressions that are prone to more errors and an uncomfortable feel for our patients. The digital impressions that we’re able to create at our Kingston, PA office provide the following benefits for our patients and staff:

    • Better accuracy
    • Fewer remakes
    • Faster turnaround
    • Scans that take between 3-5 minutes
    • Improved patient satisfaction
    • Produces better fitting restorations and devices
    • Eliminates discomfort and anxiety of traditional impressions
    • Digital data is easily transferred to other offices and dental labs and can be easily stored
    • Since there is less plastic and material waste, digital impressions are also eco-friendly

    Taking traditional dental impressions can sometimes be uncomfortable for patients or trigger their gag reflex. However, taking digital impressions doesn’t involve using messy material and placing awkward trays in your mouth. Digital impressions are quick, easy, and the best part of all, shouldn’t affect your gag reflex.

    Digital impressions significantly reduce errors and save time during both the impression appointment and delivery. The digital impressions are sent virtually, which cuts down on the turnaround time for your restoration or orthodontic appliances to be made. Plus, most importantly, you can expect a more comfortable appointment if you were to need a traditional dental impression.

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