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Have you been waking up with dull headaches or jaw soreness? Do your teeth feel more sensitive than usual? These are telltale signs that you are likely grinding your teeth. Teeth grinding is a common behavior that affects nearly 31% of the general population. Night guards can help. Find out more about teeth grinding and custom night guards offered at Brand Dental below, and make an appointment at our Kingston, PA office today.

    What Is Teeth Grinding?

    Teeth grinding, also called bruxism, is a condition in which you clench, grind or gnash your teeth. Bruxism can be an unconscious habit in which you clench your teeth while awake or grind and clench your teeth while you’re asleep. Regardless of when the teeth grinding happens, bruxism can be very destructive to your teeth and dental restorations over time.

    Signs and Symptoms of Bruxism

    Most people are unaware that they are grinding their teeth or have symptoms that they didn’t know were related to bruxism. If you’re experiencing any of these health problems related to teeth grinding, please call our office:

    • Frequent dull headaches starting in the temples
    • Teeth that are flattening, fractured, chipped, or loose
    • Increased tooth pain or sensitivity
    • Tight or tired jaw muscles
    • Jaw, neck, or face discomfort or soreness
    • Earache symptoms, but no actual problem with your ear
    • Sleep disruption
    • Loud grinding or clenching noises heard by a sleep partner

    Treatment for Teeth Grinding

    Teeth grinding can be very damaging to your smile over time. To prevent this destruction, Brand Dental offers patients custom night guards. Night guards are made from a thick plastic material, which creates a barrier that prevents the upper and lower teeth from touching and protects the teeth from further damage.

    How is a Night Guard Made?

    To get a night guard made at Brand Dental, we will first diagnose your teeth grinding, then take a digital impression of your teeth. The digital image will be sent to a lab and used to make your custom night guard. Once the appliance is sent back to us, we will check the fit and go over care and wear recommendations.

    The Benefits of Custom Night Guards

    Investing in a custom night guard is an investment in your oral health. Wearing a dental guard prevents further wear and tear on your teeth, ultimately saving you money on expensive dental work. Custom night guards are made in a dental lab, unlike over the counter night guards that are one size fits all and use lower-quality materials.

    What to Expect

    When wearing a night guard while asleep, you should expect to reduce bruxism symptoms and be able to protect your teeth and dental restorations from further damage. Although night guards won’t last a lifetime, depending on the severity of your teeth grinding, you can expect your custom night guard to last for several years.

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    If you’re suspicious that you are grinding your teeth, schedule an appointment with Brand Dental in Kingston, PA, to get started protecting your smile!