Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentist Kingston, PA

From infancy to adolescence, it’s essential for your children to receive proper dental care. At Brand Dental, we are here to be a part of your child’s smile journey from routine cleaning and check-ups to restorative treatments and more. Our goal is to provide a welcoming and comfortable space to help create a positive experience. Find out more about the pediatric dentistry services offered at our Kingston, PA office below and schedule an appointment for your child today.

    What is Pediatric Dentistry?

    Pediatric Dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the growth and development of a child’s teeth. Primary teeth, otherwise known as baby teeth, are susceptible to decay, and as adult teeth start to erupt, crowding can be an issue. At Brand Dental, we want to prevent these dental problems by monitoring and providing care for your child.

    How Does Pediatric Dentistry Work?

    This branch of dentistry is for children age 2-3 through adolescence and takes an age-specific approach to your child’s care. Whether your child needs a filling, extraction, or orthodontics, we’ll work to create a pleasant environment and dental experience.

    Pediatric Treatments

    Keeping your child’s teeth and gums healthy is our primary goal. We offer these pediatric dentistry services:

    Cleanings & Exams

    Whether it’s your child’s first dental cleaning or your teenager is past due for a dental check-up, we can help! We offer cleaning and exams for children age 3 and up.

    Digital X-Rays

    Yes, kids may need dental x-rays too! Since our office is fully digital, you can rest assured your child is getting minimal radiation.

    Dental Sealants & Fluoride

    We’re all about cavity prevention here. We offer dental sealants on permanent molars to help prevent cavities and fluoride treatments to give your child’s teeth extra protection.

    Restorative Treatments

    If your child has a cavity or stubborn baby tooth that just won’t come out, we have you covered. We can perform a number of pediatric restorative treatments in our Kingston, PA office.


    Once all of your child’s permanent teeth come in, it may be time for braces. At Brand Dental, we offer Invisalign to treat your child’s orthodontic needs. Teenagers are big fans of these invisible trays compared to traditional braces.

    And More

    No matter what dental issues your child is experiencing, the experienced pediatric dentists at Brand Dental can help.

    Benefits of Pediatric Dentistry

    Pediatric dentistry helps to prevent decay and gum issues while monitoring the development and health of your child’s teeth. Catching oral health issues early is vital for your child’s overall health. Getting established with a dentist early can be helpful to build a positive dental experience for your child.

    What to Expect

    We want to create a pleasant environment for your child as soon as they walk through the door. Whether your child is here for their first dental cleaning, a filling, or to start their orthodontic treatment, we want to be a part of making a healthy, beautiful smile for your child.

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