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All of our teeth are important, and we hope they will last a lifetime. However, there are instances that a tooth can be affected by disease, infection, or injury and would benefit from a tooth-saving procedure called a root canal. Here at Brand Dental, we believe saving your natural teeth is always the best treatment, which is why we offer our patients root canal therapy. Learn more about root canals below, and schedule your next appointment at our Kingston, PA office.

    What is a Root Canal?

    A root canal is a dental treatment designed to eliminate bacteria within the innermost part of a tooth called the pulp. The procedure also prevents reinfection while saving your natural tooth. During the procedure, the infected or irritated pulp is removed. The inside of the tooth is carefully disinfected and cleaned, then filled and sealed with a temporary filling.

    Signs You May Need a Root Canal

    Though people experience different symptoms, and sometimes no symptoms, severe signs of infection that likely will require a root canal include:

    • Tooth pain and sensitivity to temperature (hot or cold) that lingers after contact with a hot or cold item.
    • Severe tooth pain when eating or applying pressure to the area.
    • A pimple-like bump located above the gum near the site of tooth pain.
    • Darkening tooth color.
    • Swelling of the gums or tenderness near the area of tooth pain.

    The Root Canal Procedure

    A root canal removes the infected tooth pulp and then is sealed to protect against future tooth discomfort. This multi-step dental procedure can be done in the comfort of our Kingston, PA office by your dentist. Here is what you can expect from the procedure:

    A digital x-ray will be taken to determine the infection’s extent, and the dentist will examine the area.

    To start the procedure, the area will be numbed to prevent discomfort while the dentist is completing the root canal.

    A rubber shield will be placed around the tooth to keep it dry, and the dentist will create an access hole in the tooth. Special instruments will be used to remove the damaged pulp tissue and nerve.

    After the infected material is removed, your dentist will either seal the site or place a temporary filling until a customized crown is ready. A crown will help to protect the now more fragile tooth.

    Once a permanent restoration like a crown is placed on the tooth, the procedure is complete! Many of our patients who have undergone the procedure say it is no worse than having a dental filling.

    The Benefits of a Root Canal

    Data has shown that root canal therapy has a 95% success rate, and many people have been able to preserve their teeth for the rest of their lives thanks to this procedure. Anytime you can save your natural tooth instead of removing it is always the best choice in dentistry.

    What to Expect After Treatment

    You may experience some sensitivity and tooth discomfort after your treatment, but you should feel back to normal within a few days. It’s important to maintain a proper oral care routine and care for your crown to avoid future tooth pain. Regular dental follow-ups to check the condition of your root canal and crown are also advised.

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